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My first novel “A Life in Telecom…” ISBN 978-3-99064-166-8 released by novum pro in April 2018 is a humorous autobiographical novel of an engineers experiences working in the telecoms industry. It covers the work and personal life of a telecom engineer John working in the UK and various parts of the world based on the authors personal experiences.

My 2nd novel “What is going on with the machines?” ISBN 978-3-99064-263-4 published in June 2018 is a science fiction novel in which advanced machine artificial intelligence gets out of control as described on ts impact across 4 industry sectors. The subject of Artificial Intelligence takeover of the world at some point in the not to distant future is often discussed. Big hitters such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawkins constantly sound warning against unconstrained use of advanced AI suggesting that some sort of symbiotic relationship between super intelligent machines and humans may be possible in the future? To the author this feels unlikely with no president in Earths evolution where even a small difference in capability within any species generally leads to extermination of the weaker one. This novel takes an extreme but not unlikely scenario where super intelligent machines aided by mobile units (robots) evolve rapidly andĀ  then face the dilemma of what to do about the resident human species. The academic figure Nick Barker who sees what is happening is based loosely on Nick Bostrum the Oxford academic.

My 3rd novel ‘A Male Problem’ ISBN 978-3-99064-386-0 is a collection of short stories set in the near future to be published in Sep 2018. This assorted collection of what I hope are 16 thought provoking short stories with a futuristic element both shocking and amusing. In each case I have taken a novel idea and developed stories using a variety of fictional characters.

I am currently working on a 4th novel ‘Getting Closer’.